How to dress for British Summer Time

So, I haven’t posted for a week, despite telling myself that I was 110% going to get a post up every week, however, I have been working so much lately and guess who managed to get ill, so as I write this post I am not feeling as fashionista as I was in these blog pics, but I managed to get some pictures shot in a day I had free. (I managed to get two outfits shot the week before, so I needed to get the rest done within the day.) I forced my boyfriend out of the flat with a bribe of a free coffee or cake, however, a can of Big Wave and we managed to shoot on one of Manchester’s weird ‘summer’ days, 16 degrees out, warm enough for bare legs if you are forcing yourself to wear and get use of your summer wardrobe like me, but not warm enough for a t-shirt and skirt combo, the puffer jacket usually explains this logic for me.

This blog post then, is dedicated to some ‘summer’ outfits, when it is supposedly summer, but it’s not cracking the flags yet, stay tuned for the post when Britain has a heat wave. I tried to style some outfits which were suitable for the ever-changing British climate, therefore most of the looks are outfits that can be worn with more layers or just alone, I also wanted to include a look with jeans, because let’s be honest it really isn’t ever warm enough to opt for bare legs comfortably in summer all the time, however, and often I do with working in Topshop with it always being about 25 degrees in the store. So, let’s get into this post.

Outfit 1-

For the first look, I was getting my hair cut and running some errands in town on this day, however, when I left the flat it had been raining constantly that morning, so instead of wearing a skirt, I opted for white jeans, white, yes I don’t think that it was my best idea, especially when wearing chunky boots and stomping around. However, it actually turned into the hottest day we’ve had in a while and I was wearing jeans, wonderful.

I adore this outfit, I love the neutral colour pallet with the pops of black, it is also such a figure flattering outfit and the jeans are super stretchy which is rare but such a perk. Zara are also now using cotton which is 65% ecologically grown, which is a great move by the company.

Outfit Details-

Sunglasses- Gucci

Vest- Primark

Shirt- Nasty Gal X Josefine – This shirt is such a beautiful shade, her edit with Nasty Gal was honestly insane, however, I really wouldn’t recommend Nasty Gal based on quality of the items.

Belt- Vivienne Westwood.

Jeans- Zara

Boots- Dr. Martens

Bag- Yves Saint Laurent













Outfit 2- 

I am utterly obsessed with this look. I have been looking for the perfect oversized denim shirt for so long in order to wear it as a dress, and Zara finally delivered. They are killing the game this summer, especially the Manchester store. You can wear a piece like this with trainers, but I love it with biker boots, you can also wear it with a belt to bring shape to the outfit or let it be oversized, for a more relaxed vibe. This look is perfect for summer days with trainers or boots for a more evening vibe.

Outfit Details-

Denim shirt- Zara

Belt- Vivienne Westwood

Boots- Dr. Martens

Bag- YSL



Outfit 3- 

For this outfit, I really had to consider the weather, it was humid but also quite cold in the wind, so I decided to mess with proportions, which we all know I love, by having a larger silhouette on my top half, then with bare legs and biker boots, the bottom half of my body is balanced. I don’t know, I’m just obsessed with doing this, it is so chic.I paired my puffer with some distressed denim, a vintage tee and an oversized shirt, thanks to my boyfriend for oversized tees and shirts. This look is very me, basically all black, I just find that I love black, it is so timeless and I feel my best in all black.

Outfit Details-

Puffer Jacket- MissGuided

Shirt- Pull and Bear

T-shirt- Vintage- COW Manchester

Denim skirt- Zara

Bag- YSL

Boots- Dr. Martens (sorry they are my faves at the moment)



Outfit 4- 

I wore this outfit to work, as I’ve already stated it is so warm inside. I opted for a vintage tee, which I knotted to make it cropped as it was too oversized for this look. This is such a good tip for making your t-shirts cropped, if you don’t want to tuck it into a bra, this works just as well and even looks cuter! Just pull the t-shirt all to the front and tie it in a knot, it can be quite difficult to begin with, especially if it is a thick tee, just Youtube it!



I paired the tee, with the most amazing skirt from Zara, I’ve had this skirt in my wardrobe for over a year and have never worn it for some reason. It has built in cycling shorts as the slit is quite high but I love how different this piece is. I haven’t had much of a chance to use my new, vintage Burberry yet, as I have been carrying way too much lately, but this piece is ideal for days when you don’t want to carry much, I love the small and mini bag trend, as well I just think this piece is such an iconic print in fashion history and I’m obsessed.

Outfit Details-

T-shirt- Vintage Harley Davidson

Skirt- Zara

Belt- Vivienne Westwood

Bag- Burberry

Boots- Dr. Martens


Outfit 5-

This romper/playsuit is such a cute piece for those summer days when it is just mild, as the denim is quite chunky it’s perfect for those summer days when it’s not really hot.

I love the contrasting stitch detailing of this piece, it looks expensive, especially when paired with a chunky belt and some statement jewelry.

I can’t wait to style this look with some chunky trainers too for a less all black everything vibe.

Outfit Details-

Romper- Topshop

Belt- Vivienne Westwood

Bag- Burberry

Boots- Dr. Martens

Jacket- H&M

I loved shooting for this post, however, I should probably change the title to how to style my docs, but definitely stay tuned for some ‘real’ summer looks asap, aka when the weather gets itself together.


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