7 Days, 7 Outfits

So I thought I’d do a week in outfits considering this week has been a busy week for me, as well as one which has been filled with 7 degrees weather, as well as 22 degrees weather, don’t ask, you’ve just got to learn to love and accept the British weather now a days.

Therefore, I thought this week would be perfect to document some diverse outfits for you. This week I have been shooting for my blog and then I ended up being employed at Topshop, so I’d say this week was an amazing and productive week for me. This week has too had a lot of change from having a new job, to continually writing new blog posts and creating new content, I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere. With working at Topshop I’m definitely upping my style game again, not that I wasn’t before but I felt as though I was definitely becoming a bit lazy with my choices, for example repeating outfits. So, this new job is amazing for my wardrobe too as I’m constantly around clothes, therefore I’m being inspired with outfit ideas all the time. As well, I am reusing items in my wardrobe which I’d either, to be honest, forgotten about or fell out of love with but I am now loving again.

Day 1- 

To kick-start the week of multiple temperatures, it was freezing in Manchester. I wanted to wear something other than flares or trousers paired with trainers for once so I opted for jeans in what feels like a century. I paired the jeans with an oversized jumper, but tucked it into my bralette to make it cropped, best trick in the game by the way, with some distressed denim. I love the contrasting colour of the light jumper here with all black and then the iconic Burberry checks.

Coat- Missguided

Jumper- Primark

Belt- Vivienne Westwood

Jeans- Topshop

Bag- Burberry

Boots- Doc Martens



Day 2- 

I know, it’s crazy to be wearing a puffer jacket one day and then the thinnest of layers the next, but welcome to global warming.

I needed to get ready quickly this day to be in town for the afternoon after a gym session in the morning, therefore I was drawn to what I know has worked in the past, basically an oversized blazer, distressed denim and docs.



Sunglasses- Gucci

Blazer- Topshop

T-shirt- Zara

Belt- Vivienne Westwood

Boots- Doc Martens

Bag- Yves Saint Laurent


Day 3-

For day three, I was just heading into town again for the day for some food and a day out with my boyfriend so opted for a cute-casual look. I absolutely love mixing a distressed and grunge look with designer pieces, for example my YSL bag or mixing these pieces with stacks of jewelry to keep it Isla.

I also, love how I’m using a Starbucks vegan latte as an accessory.

T-shirt- Vintage Harley Davidson

Shorts- River Island

Everything else- same as above.


Day 4- 

This was the day I had my interview for Topshop so I wanted to wear something that I felt represented me down to a T, but also an outfit that I felt comfortable in and I knew I’d love wearing. Again, I feel that when I’m wearing items such as Docs or distressed tees, I love to pair them with more feminine items, for example the skirt, or even by a simple adjustment of just tying my t-shirt to make it cropped. I also think a bit of skin and the colour of the skirt contrast the blocks of black so well.

T-shirt- Vintage Harley Davidson

Skirt- Topshop

Sunglasses- Primark


Day 5-

For day five, I decided to treat myself for getting the job at Topshop with some retail therapy, trust me. Can you tell this is one of my fave tees yet?

Skirt- Topshop

Sunglasses- Gucci

Trainers- Nike

Day 6-

I’m clearly obsessed with my Docs, so for this look I paired them with some cord shorts and an oversized jumper. I love messing around with proportions, as you can too see in my last outfit. I love this look as it is rather monochromatic with then the three pops of black. 

Sweatshirt- Primark

Shorts- Urban Outfitters

Bag- Zara


Day 7-

I got too excited to go out for drinks with my boyfriend in the Northern Quarter, to again celebrate my new job in the evening and forgot to get any outfit pics, so a mirror pic it is. I love how relaxed, yet chic this outfit is. I paired an oversized ‘Sass Queen’ hoodie with a shirt dress and again my Docs.

Hoodie- Sass Queen (This hoodie comes with detachable pompoms on the adjustable strings, so as you can probably imagine I’m absolutely obsessed with this brand.)

Shirt Dress- Zara


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