Turning 20, make it like your birthday everyday

So, it’s been over three weeks since my twentieth birthday and honestly it was one of the best birthday’s I’ve ever had. I went back home to Liverpool after being in Manchester for weeks. I had a week full of; sun, tattoos and most importantly it was filled with my amazing family and friends. I was well and truly treated and blessed with so many lovely moments and gifts over my birthday week (yes, a week it’s me, a typical Taurus I’ll drag anything on if I can). Therefore, I thought I’d share and document this truly insane and beautiful week that I had with you through some snaps I took during this week, therefore you can see; what I got up to, what I wore and what I was so lucky to receive from the people around me.

So I left glorious Manchester on a Bank Holiday weekend with my boyfriend and headed for my Dad and fiancees, which by the way was the worst idea ever, do not travel on a Bank Holiday, ever. However, the weather, on the other hand, was something I could defiantly not complain about. I arrived in Liverpool and just soaked in the sun until the following morning when I would be getting my first birthday present. The Saturday consisted of my getting my second piece of ink which I am so obsessed with. I keep getting lots of compliments on my piece, as well as everyone seeming to be asking why I got a leopard tattooed on me and the answer is because let’s be honest it is the most me tattoo to ever exist, a sassy, lil leopard with Tiffany, white diamonds on it’s neck, yes please. Honestly, I got this piece to not only remember my own cat that passed away last year, but too as a reminder of strength. By the way, I coped with extremely well as I seem to not be able to take any pain whatsoever I actually seemed to enjoy the process more this time. After I got my tattoo, we had some family time with my grandparents and had a lovely chilled evening ready for my birthday the following day.

I spent my birthday with everyone that I love and the weather was insane so it was such a lovely day. After my birthday I spent time at my Mum’s with my boyfriend catching up with high school friends, family and spending some time in Liverpool. We spent a few days in Liverpool and just spending time in my home city, basically allowing myself to spend some of my birthday dollar and eat and drink whatever I wanted.

So I’m just going to show you what I wore over the week, I did’t document all days as I seemed to be having too much fun and I honestly just wanted to switch off for a bit, but I just wanted to share what I was loving wearing in the warm weather, as well as just showing you some images that I love from my birthday week.

The image below was taken from the Saturday and our first day in Liverpool, meaning tattoo day, I just wanted something cool and comfortable so opted for an oversized t-shirt, denim, mini skirt and my go to trainers at the moment.

What I’m Wearing-

Sunglasses- Gucci

T-shirt- Vans

Denim skirt- Zara

Trainers- Nike (These trainers go so well with a statement sock, for example these really cute ones from Primark.)











The images below were from my actual birthday.

What I’m Wearing-

All the same accessories.

Dress- Urban Outfitters.



The above images (yellow skirt) show what I wore for a birthday meal the day after my birthday celebrations, the weather was still beaut so I opted for this statement skirt.

What I’m Wearing-

Sunglasses- Gucci

T-shirt- Harley Davidson vintage piece

Skirt- Topshop

Biker boots- Dr. Martens


I actual took this picture in a Topshop changing room over my birthday week as I was obsessed with this outfit, which my boyfriend surprised me with as one of my gifts.

Phone Case-Urban Outfitters.


This outfit was worn when the weather was a bit cooler when we were back in Manchester but were still celebrating. I wore this for a chilled night out/ date night whilst going to the likes of NQ64 and Crazy Pedros.

What I’m Wearing-

Vest- Primark

Jeans- Topshop

Belt- Vivienne Westwood

Bag- Vintage Burberry


What I got for my Birthday-

I also wanted to show what I got for my Birthday to show you some pieces that I will be styling over the following months and to just share as I personally love reading and watching what people are gifted for such occasions so here we go. 



I had to purchase the ‘Her Art’ t-shirt and the zebra, faux horse hair bumbag from Zara with my birthday money as they are both great statement summer pieces. The t-shirt looks so cute with shorts, denim skirts and flared trousers.
I also received my favourite perfume which I wear daily, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche. All the important women in my life seem to have worn this perfume too. which makes the scent extra special.


These Playboy X Missguided joggers were on my wishlist for so long and I cannot wait to rock them when I’m in the cinema (basically tomorrow for Detective Pikachu, yes please) or having down days at University, yet I still want to keep it Isla.


These chunky trainers are from Matalan and are an absolute dream for the price that they were. They are not super heavy as are most chunky trainers so they are a steal. I can’t wait to pair them with mini dresses and midi dresses for summer. IMG_0296IMG_0291













So I have literally wanted to purchase a pair of Docs for so long, but I honestly didn’t ever think that I’d get the wear out of them but I finally decided to bite the bullet and go and get a pair, but my boyfriend beat me to it and got me a pair for my birthday. I am literally obsessed with them and love pairing them with cute, feminine outfits to contrast them with more girly vibes. I’ve worn them for the last four days so I’m clearly obsessed.IMG_0293



I’m also really into astrology at the moment as I think it can really help you become a good judge of character as well as getting to know your own traits, which explains a lot about yourself once you start learning, trust me. I also got ‘An Edited Life’ by Anna Newton, I love reading books with diversity like this, contents include; fashion, organisation skills and general life advice.


Soleil Tan De Chanel- This product is amazing for bronzing after contouring your face, as well as just bronzing your complexion for no make-up days when you have fake tanned.


Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer- This product is honestly what you need in your life, it is perfect for no make-up days as it blurs and brightens your complexion, it too works amazing with make-up as a primer and to add to the glow of your make-up.

One of my main birthday gifts was my leopard tattoo, I’ve been wanting a new tattoo for a while and always had this in mind to add to my MWAH and it is really just a bit of me. Who doesn’t love a leopard in a diamond choker?






I really enjoyed writing this post to share not only my birthday gifts and recently purchased items, but too to show you what I’m loving and wearing at the moment. This post is definitely not a boast and I am so grateful for every gift I received. I just personally really enjoy reading posts like this so I hope you enjoyed too.



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