A Year On.

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What I’m Wearing:

Jacket- Topshop

Sunglasses- Gucci

Bags- Zara bumbag and YSL backpack

T-shirt- ‘So Young Magazine’ (Stole it from my boyfriend because oversized clothing is my thing.)

Trousers- Stella McCartney

Trainers- Nike

You know the situation we’re all guilty of, for example when we’ve finally caught up with that friend after a year of making excuses with each other about why and how we’re all too busy to meet up, yes that’s it, life does really get in the way. For some reason or another I seem to have let my passion go, maybe it was to do with the fact that I did give up and didn’t persist, or maybe I let my studies or social life get in the way, or maybe I just got lazy, got bored and gave up. After weeks and months of scrolling through Instagram in the hope that my blog was just going to magically rise up from the ashes and publish itself again, today I for some reason or another realised that if I want this as a career I need to jump back on the horse again, and this is something that I love to do so why should I just abandon it?


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I feel at this point it is so important to say that life does really get in the way and self-care and taking time out is one of the most important methods we need in life to take care of ourselves, we really do lose the sense of who we are and what we want out of life sometimes, and especially at my age. I seemed to have discovered a side of life that wasn’t just studying all day everyday and that I can indeed have a social life as well as studying and working hard. So for the last year, yes I have been working hard and studying for my second year, studying English at Manchester Metropolitan, but this year, I hate to admit it but I seem to have finally understood what life is really about and how you spend your time is crucial. Of course, I spend time studying, working out and trying to succeed in these fields of my life, however, it is so important to realise that you need to focus on the things in life that matter to you in the short term and in the long term. Over the last year I have spent time studying and doing the tedious duties in life that we have to do, however, I seemed to have chilled out significantly and I can actually say that I have had one of the best years and terms of my life, whether this be due to my friends, family or my boyfriend, I am doing the things I want to do, so yes it is down to me too, and I am having so much fun, I am really living my best life.

However, with this came the abandonment of something that I have so much passion and care for, my blog. For some reason or another I just gave up, I got tired of writing and feeling like I was getting nowhere with my passion. Yet, I seemed to have had a wake-up call, I know that I have what it takes and I want to document my fashion findings, favourite pieces or even life advice to whoever may read this. I know that this is what I want to do, and maybe I am posting this piece to remind myself of why I am doing this, but I know that this is what I want to do and I want to be honest and say why I stopped writing, but I am coming back even stronger and with even more content this time. As I always say fashion really is my heart, it is my biggest love and fashion is always there to make my day and life that little bit better.

So with all of this realisation, I’m finally back doing what I really love again. A lot has changed in the year that I’ve stopped blogging, the new chop being a part of this, but my obsession with everything fashion related has only grown stronger. Fashion is a major part of my life and everyone who comes into my life seems to be aware of that from the onset, maybe that’s part to do with my materialistic star sign, of maybe it’s really down to how fashion makes me feel. Let’s be honest it is clear that I’ve changed dramatically as a person, but especially I have changed my style dramatically, as I seemed to have always done overtime. However, I do know what my style is now, I have grown significantly as an individual over the last year, yet I have too become a lot more comfortable in my own skin and body, this is clearly reflected in my confidence and style as I really do know what I like and what I dislike nowadays.


What I’m Wearing:

Sunglasses- Gucci

Jacket- Topshop

Top- Primark

Jeans- Levis

Bumbag- Zara

Trainers- Topshop













As I have stated, my personal style has altered dramatically since last year, I’m really trying find clothes that are more minimalistic in order to pair perfectly with statement pieces, also pieces that are comfy af with having to go to uni for only a few hours I want to look and feel put together, but still feel the comfort of my duvet. (This is why joggers with a blazer is such a vibe for any non-student wondering.) For example, the statement bumbag and chunky trainers go perfectly with some vintage ‘Levis’, a printed crop and a statement leather Western-style jacket. Similarly, the key pieces that seem to compliment the style that I keep consuming at the moment are; flared trousers, like the ‘Stella McCartney’ ones in the above images, chunky trainers (trainers in any kind), vests or cropped t-shirts, over-sized hoodies and an excessive amount of jewelry (Dua lipa is that you?). These items all seem to be my go to basics at the moment.













Dua 2


This post is to not only welcome myself back, but to explain why I left and to get you more up to date. I’m going to be posting weekly from now on as well as posting on my Instagram page, stories and IGTV at @islaerobertson.

This the start of not only a new chapter on this blog, but a whole collection of chapters.

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