Fashion and The Future

I wanted to write this post to not only make this site a bit more personal but to just talk about fashion in general and why it is such a big part of my life. From an early age I wasn’t always into fashion, when I was really young I just remember that my main priorities were not how I looked and how I presented myself to the world but just who was playing out today, but I suppose when you are young, people care less about appearance. I can’t really remember being that interested in fashion when I was younger, however, I remember that my parents were always both well dressed, my mum’s Versace boots seem to stick out in my mind. However, I would say that when I became a teenager, I remember being more and more fascinated by celebrity culture and this is, I suppose in a weird way, how I started taking notice of the fashion world. I remember learning designers such as Thierry Mugler, Versace and Nicola Formichetti from the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (I had a great music taste when I was 12, as you can see). Oh, and America’s Next Top Model.

However, although in high school I do remember loving major trends such as Hollister and Jack Wills, I love how I thought this was fashion (the irony here is that the picture taken below is taken in Jack Wills, I felt nostalgic ok? And besides my polo matched the wall, so I mean it was all for the blog). Sixth form seemed to be the years when I really seemed to not only experiment with my style but I too found out that fashion really was my thing. I remember being in sixth form, people would look forward to seeing what I was wearing, because a new day in college seemed to translate in Isla’s head to a new faux fur coat each day. I feel as though this was definitely my experimenting stage, although I look back and love some of my outfits from the last three years, I now really know what I like, what I don’t and what works well. I think in high school and college I may have used fashion as a way to be more confident, however, I honestly know that it really is my passion and what I love, my parents now know that it wasn’t just a phase (I had many). Although, fashion definitely does bring confidence, I feel as though you need to create that for yourself, rather than masking  the problems with what you wear.

I also wanted to write about where I get my inspiration from, although this does change rather regularly. So firstly, and most obliviously I get my inspo from those at the top, designers and catwalk shows really are the most exciting times of the year. Inspiration then too comes from the models, especially their street style, love them or hate them Gigi and Bella Hadid seem to always have the best style off the catwalk as well as the likes of Kaia Gerber, Kendall Jenner and Alexa Chung, to name a few. Similarly, as a result of  designers, the high street is too a place for inspiration, not only the shops but too, to see what people are strutting down the streets. Music is such a fashion inspiration to me, not only does music make you feel or see in a different light, but it can help you gain some style. From indie, to pop or rap it can affect how you dress, for better or for worse depending on your own personal style. However, I have to say that a huge part of my inspiration comes from Instagram, I am constantly scrolling down my feed and following new fashion bloggers everyday. They seem to show me different ways to style pieces that I may have not necessarily thought of myself, instantly giving that piece a new lease of life.

In the present, fashion is one of those things in life that makes me so excited, I see new pieces on the high street or in magazines and find myself thinking of how I would style them or, this is the usual case, when can I buy them? This leads me on to my future, I don’t know exactly what I would love to do with my love for fashion, I love journalism, this blog and even personal shopping or styling. But what I do know is that fashion will most definitely be in my future. A friend told me the other day that they didn’t really understand why I am so obsessed with fashion and designers etc, but once they got to know me better, they understood that I view the clothes not as a way to show wealth or confidence, although in some cases people do view fashion as both of these factors, and I am very happy with the confidence that fashion and style gives to people, including myself. I view fashion as art, which is what fashion really is at the end of the day; walking, living and breathing art.

Polo Shirt- not actually Jack Will’s although I look like I should work there or be at the polo it is from H&M.


T-shirt- Tee&Cake at Topshop, Leather pants-Zara, Boots-And Other Stories, Bag- Do I need to say considering it seems to be with me everyday (YSL). I also got told that I looked like a goth in this outfit, maybe it was the Casper tee, Wednesday Addams vibes all around.


Jacket- Vintage find and I am truly in love.




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