Back with a Vengeance

So, I’m currently sitting at my desk in what is to be called my new ‘home’, Manchester. It’s raining outside (surprise) and I’m having some summer withdrawals, as much as I love the autumn and all its wonderful fashion, I am craving my summer fix. Which gave me the idea for this blog post, I’m missing summer, which for me basically translates to missing New York City, therefore I’m going to bring you up to date with what I wore in the city that really does never sleep.

But first, a lot has changed since I last posted which is my justification for my abandonment of this lovely page. I sat my A-Level exams, passed my exams and I’m now living in one of my favourite cities studying English. Let’s all be honest, the Mancunian fashion, shops and of course its music are just some of the reasons I now call this place home. However, it likes to rain here, a lot, which is probably the reason why I’m sat here on an October day talking about summer. So let’s get into my New York style.

Going to what is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world meant that I needed to up my game, however, it decided to be 34 degrees most days which meant, scarily, for me that I had to add a level of practicality to my looks, especially my shoes. I would describe my New York style as sports luxe while managing to maintain my usual style. I also found it so fascinating that no one cares what you wear in this city, anything really does go, which is probably why my style seemed to change here.

Day 1:

As soon as we landed I could not wait to go to the room, get changed and get exploring. It was so humid when we got there and the weather decided it was going to have torrential outpours randomly, so I wanted to be comfortable (I was jetlagged), yet still make an effort. I paired an oversized t-shirt from ‘Asos’ with a ‘Topshop’ mini skirt, which is difficult to see which made the t-shirt the statement piece. I wanted my ‘Stan Smiths’ to also be a focal point as they are patterned. I then just grabbed my ‘Karl Lagerfeld’ bag, big sunglasses (to hide those jetlagged eyes) and tied a bandana nicely around my neck.IMG_8892

Day 2:

I think this day was the day when I let my inner sporty spice out. I had bought an ‘Adidas’ t-shirt and was feeling the contrast in patterns between the ‘Topshop’ ruffle skirt and pinstriped top. I lived in the Stans as I stuck for comfort for those long hikes around Central Park.IMG_8937







Day 3: aka probably one of my favourite outfits I have ever worn.

I wore the oversized ‘Asos’ t-shirt which I would happily live in forever with a checked mini from ‘Urban Outfitters’, I had just purchased some new ‘Converse’ so I was so ready to take them for a spin (completely not recommended when you are walking over 10 miles a day, but just LOOK at them.) I also accessorised with a star choker from ‘Zara’, an iced tea, (obviously) and my, which was then one day old, Yves Saint Laurent backpack, which I had just bought from Bergdorf Goodman the day before, it had been a dream bag of mine for a very long time and I haven’t looked back since.


Day 4:

This day was a struggle, the humidity made my hair look like I was in an indie boyband and the previous excitement of wearing my new ‘Converse’ had all gone wrong, which explains the slides, which actually I can now say that I don’t mind. I wore an oversized shirt dress from ‘Zara’ with the ‘Urban Outfitters’ slides.


Day 5:

The day I decided it was too hot for nonsense and went for the spacebuns, which were refreshingly cooling in the city heat. I wore a logo tee from ‘Pull&Bear’, some recently purchased cream shorts from ‘Brandy Melville’, a ‘Vivienne Westwood’ belt, and some vintage ‘Nike’ trainers. IMG_9464







Day 6:

Ok, so maybe I lied because this outfit is a close favourite too, I managed to bag this amazing vintage, distressed t-shirt from ‘The Vintage Twin’, an amazing vintage shop situated in Soho, which is visited by the likes of Gigi and Bella Hadid as well as The Weeknd and Selena Gomez. The shorts are again from ‘Brandy Melville’.


Day 7:

I scored another tee from ‘The Vintage Twin’ and paired it with some chic shorts from ‘River Island’ for a trip around Central Park, I was therefore forced again to wear the Nikes, I was clearly inspired again by the sporty vibes here as I decided to wear some logo socks from ‘Urban Outfitters’, I mean I could only get away with these in this city so why not?


For travelling home and for the coming weeks I seemed to live in a uniform of a striped shirt, mini skirt and my beloved ‘Converse’. I am still obsessed with this denim, studded gilet from ‘Zara’, it’s so edgy but still very chic and I love to play around with this logic.

So I suppose I am back now and I promise my next piece will be more seasonal, but on dull, autumnal days when oversized jumpers and faux fur cannot get you through, why not recall those summer memories? IMG_9766






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