Staple Pieces of the Moment

Your basic items and personal touch always remains, but seasons and trends come and go and what they bring is additional quirks and sass. I have three main statement obsessions at the moment, all of which seem to add an edge to my usual chic style. I have found myself wanting to add more 90’s and rocker chic vibes to my usual preppy vibes, but that’s what personal style is all about, evolving. My main three staples are; biker boots, patterned tights (we all know I will make this not exist as a trend, but as a style) and anything and everything vinyl, which basically means lots of shine and rubbery noises for everyone around me to enjoy. I too have witnessed some new statement pieces at PFW and LFW this last month, of a few are berets, baker boy caps, leather, ballerina frills and mesh pieces.

I have found lately that I keep telling myself that these boots are, of course an investment, as I find myself running around Topshop, Zara and H&M in the search for even more biker boots. I purchase a pair, but then I see some that I tell myself are different (they probably are not, but this is not a therapy session for a shopaholic, so no judgements please) it’s a very vicious circle. Biker boots are just effortlessly chic and as much as I hate to say the adjective cool, they really are so damn cool. They add so much edge and grunge to a pair of oversized boyfriend jeans and a white shirt, paired with a faux fur, you areimg_6288 basically a walking talking Dior model. img_6200img_6148

The boots in the first image completely incorporate my obsession with edge and the vinyl look. The leather jacket makes me feel like I’m in a 90’s girl band, while the skirt itself is just pretty badass to be honest.

Jacket: The leather is from Zara, however, they only seem to have it in stores, but they do have similar embroidered, distressed and studded styles online:

Biker Boots: Again, I seem to find things that the stores no longer have in when I come to write pieces about them, but H&M have a similar style, which is where the boots where originally purchased in the first place.

Vinyl Skirt:


I mention patterned tights in at least every other post that I do, but they are so toasty, but look AMAZING, and let’s be honest who doesn’t want to feel comfy and look sassy? Calzedonia seem to be the perfect match for this vibe, I mean who wouldn’t want lighting bolts on their legs?


Ever since I watched Gossip Girl I consistently fangirled over Blair Waldorf’s beret and ran to the nearest store to buy one. I was in love, but then I forgot about my beloved beret until I saw Bella Hadid with her Charlotte Simone beret and Rihanna with her leather beret at Dior’s PFW show. So, that’s when I remembered that I only have a few months left until I want to cry because I can no longer wear faux fur, but I still have the spring months for my beret. So get your French vibes on!

I have too been fascinated by the use of ballet in high couture fashion shows, the use of mesh to create a sheer vibe and the use of mesh over jeans from those on the catwalk side-lines. Ballerina vibes are clearly very springy (excuse my awful pun).

So, there you have it the forecast for Spring suggests; Parisian chic, 90’s/ biker vibes and remember to keep your bases the same, trends come and go, but true style forever remains.

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