The Only Way is Simone

img_5159img_5161img_5140Charlotte Simone. Need I say more? I discovered her amazing fluffiness three years ago, funnily on an episode of Made In Chelsea, as I frantically paused the television to daydream about Rosie Fortescue’s Popsicle. Every since then the terms; popsicle, sass, fuzz and the beloved Candy Cane have become prime in my vocabulary. So, I dreamt for a good two years about the sassiness I could encompass and I finally decided to give in to my furry cravings and purchase a Popsicle last Christmas. Every since, I’ve become a regular customer to Simone and cannot help myself giving into the furbulous (like that?) statement pieces. I’ve come to own a Popsicle, a few Sass Caps and more recently, the beautiful Muffin Top.

The pieces continuously make a plain outfit pop and make you feel like a giant fuzz ball in the best way possible. My Popsicle is the best example of this; it gives a sense of edge worn on the shoulder, yet can be used to keep you oh so cosy as a scarf in winter. I have even worn mine on a summer’s evening just because I cannot wait any longer for those wintery, faux fur months. My Sass Caps have had countless comments from people, while my new treasure is proving to be very sassy, the Muffin Top (excuse how cute the name is) is made from 100% Mongolian Lambswool, therefore has not only kept me warm while I freeze in my ripped jeans in the middle of winter, but also literally goes with anything and everything. The Muffin Top adds so much luxury to my outfits and I cannot wait to wear it all year round.

One of the things I love most about Charlotte Simone is the fact that the pieces are available in faux fur, of which I always purchase them in. Charlotte Simone is the perfect example of how high fashion production can be cruelty free, yet still dramatic and luxurious. This is the only way the fashion industry should be and real fur should not be glamorised. Not only this, the pieces are highly fashionable and add a little difference to your normal leather jacket, vinyl coat, or however you please to style them. But can we just talk about how cute the packaging is? A sweet frenzy, which also lines most of her products, which come with a complimentary Charlotte Simone candy. Or for those holiday months a candy cane, I mean because what’s better than some fuzz and candy?

For Charlotte Simone products-


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