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Finding your own personal style is one of life’s little struggles. So, you find your own personality and it somehow portrays in your style choices. Seems easy right? Well, it took me about 3 years to finally be able to say that I know what my own personal style is, even if I had to make some faux pas to get here, the ride and wait was worth it. I would honestly say that my personal style changes regularly, but the basics remain the same, I feel like the pictures sum this view up. One day I wake up and feel the urge to be effortlessly chic, yet the next I like to throw in some leather and biker boots to bring some edge, I basically feel badass on these days. But, even if I feel that this is the case, something’s do not change. For example, I always feel overdressed for any occasion, from college, to brunch and to dinner, but this is me. I want to be overdressed, rather than under as this is literally just my style and me as a person, I suppose . So, I will always have a dramatic coat, even if my outfit may be dressed down. My jacket or coat is usually my centrepiece for my outfit, I sometimes pick my jacket before the outfit, which ultimately dictates the rest of the outfit. Another thing that I always find myself wearing is a clean cut white shirt. This is my element of chic and produces a polished finish, within all the faux fur and extravagance.  As Karl Lagerfeld once said “You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and faux fur.” My last point on my own personal style is my attention to detail and accessories. I always find that an outfit needs accessories, in this case I sometimes ignore the less is more motto, but it’s about what works for you, take Iris Apfel’s advice here if this is you, “More is more and less is a bore.” I find that I like my accessories to take the form of faux fur stoles, Charlotte Simone is perfect for this, a high quality bag and something a little different, for example my beloved Sass Cap, just to stand out from the crowd.

YOUR Personal Style:

·         At the end of the day, confidence is key. So if you don’t feel confident rocking that leather jacket or vinyl skirt, then find something that you do. This will help you find what you like and what style you are going for.

·         Finding your own personal style takes time and means making a few mistakes to get there, so just cringe at those old pictures of yourself from 2008 and move on.

·         Don’t just follow trends. Trends come and go, but true style lives forever. Make those trends and try to think outside the box. As I’ve said above some will work and some won’t, so just take your time.

·         This might sound quite strange but I find that music has a great influence on my style and depending on what I’m currently listening to, my style may change slightly, so be open to inspiration from all fields.

·         Take a trip to your nearest city, sit in a coffee shop and gain inspiration from others. I love people watching and even gaining one thing that you liked from one individual may help you go that little further into finding a solid, fashion foundation.

·         Most importantly, and as hard as it is, forget and don’t worry what other people think. Once you have conquered this fear, you will truly find your own style.

 I have chosen the images that best sum up my personal style from some everyday looks I have created throughout the year.













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