Me, Myself and I


After months and months of saying “Yes, I am going to start blogging” and after me constantly putting it off, the year is finally coming to an end and I’ve found myself not completing my main task of 2016. So after people telling me I have a talent for fashion and people randomly asking me on the street “Where’s your jacket from?” or even weirdly and more frequently “AH! Can I stroke your jacket?!” this will make a lot more sense as I continue to post and you get to learn more about my personal style. Which basically can be summed up in three words; fluffy, sassy and chic. I am Isla Robertson and as cliché as it sounds fashion is really my passion.  Nothing gets me more excited than when someone asks me if I want to go shopping. (You will basically find me at the till of any fashion store as I literally fund my ‘hobby’.)  My Snapchat, at annoyance of my friends and family, has basically become my blog as I now seek to further my fashion love on here and give my friends a bit of a break! I also think that it’s particularly key for me to state that my blog will feature both high street and designer brands as I find that the fashion pedestal is a mixture of both segments. Fashion can still be affordable and luxurious, even if I do find myself broke 24/7 as a result of the growing pile of faux fur coats, that as of present are about to break my once scarce wardrobe, or that Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt that is obviously a very practical purchase. To end my first post, which is rather a daring move for anyone to put something out in the world for anyone to read,  I would like you to note that as my blog grows you will find; lots of faux fur, leather, frequent posts about my latest go-to brunch places and a lot of timeless style.

Here I am guys, looking completely natural next to a stone wall, in one of my favourite faux furs.

Coat: (This coat is no longer available on the website, but there are still some great quality alternatives.)

Pants: (Here are the faux leather alternative of the pants that I am wearing.)

Boots: (The exact Chelsea boots are no longer on the site, as I’ve had them for a while now, but there are similar ones available.)

Bag: (I got this bag in 2015 as a present and it’s my firm favourite ever since!)

Choker: choker&pgesize=36&pge=5&totalstyles=277&gridsize=3&gridrow=7&gridcolumn=3

Sunglasses: (I got these glasses from a local market, but Asos have some great cat eye sunglasses.)

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